Nursing Times

March 2023

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It is estimated that there are 944,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is projected to increase to one million by 2025. In the March issue of Nursing Times we want to help shine a light on dementia, including the great care that nurses already deliver. As part of this, we are launching a seven-part series to help nurses consider dementia and its recognition, assessment, treatment and management throughout its life course. The first part looks at the different types of dementia, risk factors, and how to recognise signs and symptoms. Its author, Karen Harrison Dening, from Dementia UK and De Montfort University, has also written about why nurses must be confident in meeting the needs of people with dementia. In addition, we have spoken to a nurse who is using her specialist skills to help tackle stigma around dementia and raise awareness. Emily Ka-Hei Lui is leading a pilot service in London for families and carers of those with dementia who are of Chinese or South East Asian origin. Meanwhile, in an interview, Paul Edwards, director of clinical services at Dementia UK, has told Nursing Times that dementia has been overlooked and called for a specific branch of nursing to focus on older people.